Website Development

Responsive Design

Your website looks equally good on all devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Google Optimized

We are using the best practices for SEO optimization in our projects in order to rank them at top positions in the search engines.

Full content control

Complete freedom to change the texts, images and typography of the website.


User activity tracking. The option for integration of Google Analytics into the control panel.


A guaranteed safety and security of your website. We use modern technology to prevent cyberattacks.

Website maintenance services

Immediate intervention on our part if you want to make changes to the website or to add new functionalities.

Individual design

Development of a unique design corresponding to the business needs.

Consultations and recommendations

During the website development process, as well as after that, you can rely on our professional recommendations and consultations.


Quick and easy insertion of additional languages. SEO Friendly techniques for every language.


Your website connects your business with your clients. It creates opportunities for the attraction of new clients by increasing the popularity of the brand, as well as the sales of products and services. It also allows for effective communication with clients through receiving feedback.

We focus on your individual needs, business directions and ideas, in order to make sure that we will successfully take the first steps towards the creation of your working and profitable website and brand with impeccable image, getting the right message across.

Millions of people are daily looking for information, products and services online.

A very influential website is bound to attract some of them.

The brand and its ethos must be reflected in your website. When we are working on a website, we start by considering the needs of the end users to provide easy navigation. Thus, they can easily and quickly find what they are looking for.

We listen to our clients, we understand their goals and tasks, and ‘bring their ideas to life’.

Our team members have complementary skills which makes it possible for the creation of the perfect team for every project.

Website design and build

The majority of our websites are complete design and build projects. A key manager, who observes and directs the workflow between team members with a vast variety of skills, is assigned to each project.

Before we create a successful website, we do a thorough research on the business and the relevant brand, which enables us to give a guarantee for the website’s practical application and functionality. Its constant development depends precisely on these elements.   

Our focus is on the provision of solutions. We adapt our approach to respond to the needs of the individual business and the provision of the best and most effective solutions.

The project manager considers all aspects of the task and submits them to the design team to create the design. Changes can be made until it turns to a unique piece of work and fully fits the image and the message of the brand.

Our websites are created in accordance with the W3C standards and responsive design.

They can successfully function through the following browsers:

We develop different types of websites for our clients, including the following: e-commerce, corporate websites, websites for the small business, as well as websites for individuals and charities, non-governmental and local governmental organizations.

Having SEO optimization is of utmost importance for you to be recognizable at the leading positions in the search engines and the different social networks.

Website with protected personal data under GDPR

When creating a website, we do it complying with the rules for protection of personal data under GDPR.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

With websites that we have developed, we offer our own in-built Content Management System (CMS). The system gives to clients the opportunity to quickly and easily update the information on their websites.

We can provide various levels of access to the CMS. In that way, you will be allowed to grant access to different members of staff to work on tasks, according to the level of access which has been given to them.

The Content Management System is tailored to the requirements of each individual project.

Read more about our Content Management System:

CMS (Control Management System) by WebCometa

The system is well optimized for search engines. It is easy to navigate. It includes levels of access in its administrative part. It is developed in such a way so that each and every content on the website can be altered. The system is flexible and can be continuously upgraded. There is an option to include new modules. All the changes regarding the technical part happen very swiftly.

The advantages of the CMS by WebCometa

Flexibility: upon the creation and integration of the modules, that were agreed upon at the beginning of the project, the system remains flexible. New modules can be added, deleted, or the current ones can be upgraded. Any technical change is done quickly.

SEO optimization: the CMS by WebCometa is developed with user-friendly functions, through which to control the OnPage optimization of the website. The fields for filling in the Title, Description; h1, h2, h3… h6 and other options for text formatting are displayed; as well as image tags control; and the creation of links and tags to them.

Easy to navigate: the system allows for the adding of new pages, main categories and sub-categories, without requiring you to have programming skills or specialized knowledge. Everything is done in the most simplified way. The text formatting is done through a panel which has a large number of functions.

Speed: The Content Management System by WebCometa is extremely fast. Once the page is completed or edited, it can be published on the website with just one click. It loads quickly, without the inconvenience of waiting or being blocked.

Free consultation

We will give you a free initial consultation in a meeting or via phone with one of our project managers. Please use the website development inquiry form or the contacts below.