Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization is a process during which the classification of specific pages is improved, as well as the increasing of the regularity with which the website has been shown in the search engine.

As part of the service web design, we display the most important SEO options in the control panel. The website must be maintained daily so as not to lose its ranking.

The continuous optimization guarantees that the website will continue to give results without losing its position in the ranking.

SEO factors

Many factors influence the ranking of the website. Those can be keywords in the content, the order of the HTML code, titles and descriptions on each page (Title Tag & Meta Tag), well-thought and formatted content of the webpages with subtitles and bolding (H1, H2…H3; Strong & Bold), etc.

The increasing number of incoming links from other websites, which are well-ranked, will also improve the website’s ranking.

The websites’ optimization is different for the individual search engines, but the main work is generally done for Google. The giant is an ‘innovation producing machine’, due to which when SEO optimization is mentioned, what is usually meant is Google.  

Not well-optimized website can be ranked by given key phrases on & on front pages (e.g., 3rd), and on to hold ‘rear’ positions (e.g., 10th). That is an indication for the giant’s quality screening among the billions of web pages.

Black against White SEO optimization (Black Hat vs White Hat SEO)

The SEO optimization techniques fall into two categories – Black and White (Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO).

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO includes techniques that are not approved by the search engines. Those kinds of techniques are effective but are usually working for a short period of time. In other words, until they are ‘caught’. The search engines, and especially Google, are working against the Black hat SEO techniques used by optimizers.

The main misappropriation with this type of optimization is the link building to the web pages, which is presented in the buying of links and instruments that are building a huge number of links for a limited period of time in the whole network.

The work against the Black SEO is carried out through algorithms that can easily ‘understand’ the artificial improvement of the website. All algorithms are known to us as the favorite Google ‘animals’. Those include the well-known Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

The ‘Google animals’ have no other purpose, but to ‘catch websites’ which are artificially improved through ‘black techniques’. Their punishment comprises of decreasing of the positions in the ranking and exclusion from the results.

Black hat SEO can do much harm to the website. A serious punishment for the use of black techniques can take a year for you to regain Google’s trust. A well-prepared optimizer can reduce this time.

White Hat SEO / White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is using techniques that are approved and recommended by the search engines. This is a SEO optimization for people (techniques fully oriented towards the user experience).

White Hat SEO means quality. The quality web pages do not remain unnoticed. Those are usually ‘Google’s favorites’. The relevant quality content (on the same theme) is the most powerful instrument of the White SEO.

The copied content by other webpages and what is not relevant (on a different theme) is sifted out to the poor quality webpages by the Google Index, and is therefore, put back in the ranking.

To get faster results from the optimization, it is very important that before that the Black SEO hasn’t been used, as this might have led to a longer punishment. A good optimizer can ‘clear the name’ of the website by removing all non-approved improvements, applying White hat SEO and informing Google about the changes.

The White hat SEO techniques include:


The use of keywords in the title, description, and content of the web pages which should not be misappropriated. The keywords should be carefully selected through analysis.

Quality link building

Already with decreasing importance, but still, a remaining factor, are the links to the web pages of quality websites on the same theme. Here, quality is more important than quantity. One quality link equals dozens of not-so-high-quality links that can positively do more harm.

Quality content

The quality content is the key to the results of the White hat SEO. Content that is presented well, is unique, ethical, contains jokes aimed at big groups of people, has a balanced number of keywords and is well-formatted, guarantees good results.

White hat SEO techniques are not limited to this.

If we have to describe this type of SEO with one word, this is quality.

How do we work?

We work with the client to make sure that the techniques we are applying thoroughly correspond with the brand and the aims of the business.

In webCometa we rely on White hat SEO for long-term results. We bet on quality.