Responsive Design

Your website looks equally attractive on all electronic devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Courier integrations

Integration of couriers’ modules such as: Speedy, Econt, LeoExpres, and others.


Integration of external systems.

Online payments

Opportunity to include over 150 ways of online payment.

Google Optimized

We are using the best practices for SEO optimization in our projects in order to rank them at the top positions in the search engines.


Fast, easy to navigate and well-structured online stores.

Individual design

A unique web design development corresponding to the needs of your business.

Full content control

Freedom to change the texts, images and typography of the website.

Facebook store

Import of all the products on your website on Facebook.

Migration from another system

Transferring of all the information from your old system to ours, without losing any data.


Quick and easy insertion of additional languages. SEO Friendly techniques for every language.


For having a successful and effectively productive on the market business, one of the main requirements is the right strategy for its development and maintenance, in line with modern trends offered by the digital world. Here the online store comes to the rescue.

The advantages of the e-commerce include its easy management, the significant increase in sales, the tracking of stock availability, as well as the quick and practical shopping with just one click.

Our platforms for virtual shopping are developed on solely individual principle, according to your preferences and needs. We carry out a thorough analysis of your business and the direction in which you want it to grow, thus helping you achieve real results.

The way in which users look at and buy products online depends on the product in question and the sector. Our e-commerce platforms are developed individually to suit all business needs. We take our time to understand where your business is standing and the direction in which it is going, to create a flexible enough system which to allow for growth and development.

Online store management and administrative panel

The administrative panel has been created in such a way that it gives an opportunity for constant actualization of different offers, prices and products. The system is fully developed by our team and that allows for its multiple updates. The ultimate goal of every online store is to bring the expected sales, and on our part, you have a full guarantee that your clients will enjoy a quick and easy way to make a purchase that will stimulate them to become your potential regular customers.

In the development of the online store is included a full SEO optimization which is essentially important for its successful ranking at the top positions in online search engines.


The goal of the online store is to attract sales!

We guarantee a simplified, clear and easy way to use that will not trouble your clients and will allow for the quick and easy purchases.

For the improvement of the work of your online store, the most important, related to the SEO optimization settings options, are displayed.

The elements that can be included in the management system are:

Easy online store management

Thanks to our team of professionals, you will be enjoying the automatic integration of your first products and all other texts, you’ve decided to provide for uploading. The management of the online store will turn into an easy and joyful experience, that apart from the desired income, will also bring you pleasure!

We remain available to you

In case of technical problems or need of additional functions, we will always be here to assist you! The online store can be developed with the option of adding new functions when your business grows.

Developing a marketing strategy

The marketing strategy is a key element of the creation of a successful business and there are some tricks here to be taken into account. With its help, the right messages reach the right target group that will be interested in your goods and services, and this will turn them into potential customers. The digital advertising marketing and the email marketing are innovative and fully compliant with the needs of each and every online business and are recommended for small start-up companies which have chosen e-commerce for its main activity.

Free consultation and offer

We are always available for consultations without needing to organize a meeting or a phone call. The only thing you need to do is to use the inquiry form or the contact details provided and we will contact you immediately.

In the digital rise era, every business should have its own online platform since that would increase its chances to attract new clients, the promotion of its activities, its comprehensive presentation, and the realization of more sales, as well as the demand for certain types of offered services.

You can easily find everything you need online! Our mission is to breathe life into every idea, product or service by turning them into one constantly winning and profitable mechanism!